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Spare Parts for safety lock system

Spare Parts for safety lock system

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The safety lock is a mechanical failsafe device that engages automatically if the suspension rope breaks or the platform tilts beyond its safety limit. It locks onto the safety rope independently to hold the platform in place and protect the operators in the event of a mechanical failure. This autonomous locking mechanism helps ensure continuous safety even when the hoist system is compromised.


These high-quality spare parts are designed for the safety lock systems on ZLP hoist suspended platforms. The ZLP (zig-zag low profile) hoist system allows these platforms to be precisely lowered and raised for working at heights. The safety lock system is a critical component that locks the hoist mechanism to prevent unintended movement.

Having spare parts for the safety locks allows for repairs and replacements to be done quickly. This ensures the continuous safe operation of your ZLP hoist suspended platforms. The parts are made to OEM specifications and are fully compatible with the safety lock systems.


Place of Origin: CHINA
Type: Spare Parts for Zlp Hoist Suspended Platform
Model Number: LSA30
Allowable Impact Force: 30KN 
Wire Diameter: 8.3mm , 8.6mm , 9.1mm 
Material: Stainless Steel
Certificate: ISO9001:2000 CE
Size: 55 x 40 x 25cm 
Weight: 2 Kg
Package type: Cardboard Box 



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